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Thanks for tuning into Real Radio, WTKS 104.1 FM and visiting us online! I am so happy that you are interested in High Definition LASIK at the Filutowski Cataract & LASIK Institute. That is where so many of my co-workers (including Kathryn, my Program Director) had their LASIK! I have been to visit Dr. Flutowski and watch him perform LASIK. It is truly a life changing event!
If you want to change your life with improved vision, I highly recommend them for your eyes! Be sure to tell them - Jim sent you!

Jim Philips, Lasik Orlando, Filutowski
Radio, Lasik
Jim, Katherine Brown, Program Director WTKS and Dr. Filutowski

"If you are a candidate for LASIK, DO IT!
I have known Dr. Filutowski and his staff for many years
and he has helped thousands of people in Central Florida
enjoy better life through improved vision."

Jim Philips, Radio Personality, WTKS 104.1 FM

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